The proper roof installation transcends putting on the shingles. Regardless of the climatic conditions, proper attic ventilation is essential in making the roof last longer and prevent many expensive issues from taking place inside and outside the building.  The kind of roofing experts and contractors that you use ought to explain the importance of proper attic ventilation. It plays two major roles. First, it allows cool and fresh air to enter the attic at the eave or soft areas of the roof. Secondly, it lets out hot, moist air from the attic through the ridge or other exhaust vents. The hot and moist air cam leads to many issues.

In areas where there is a cold climate, proper attic ventilation is essential in maintaining a cold roof system. It mixes the cool outside air with the attic air and allows for less snow melting on the roof. This prevents damaging ice damming.  Proper attic ventilation in warm climates helps in venting out hot air because it can contribute to moisture problems. For your attic ventilation to work better, it must have balanced intakes and exhausts.

Achieving balanced ventilation

Balanced ventilation is achieved when both the intake and exhaust allow for an equal amount of airflow. This is because the natural forces of air pressure have a pull and push effect around the roof. If you do not have proper vents, the hot air will not escape. On the other hand, without proper intake, the air circulates across the top of the attic space. This leaves stagnant air at the bottom of the attic.

Circulation is also hindered when vents are only on one side of the attic. You would get the same effect when you open the windows on only one side of the house on a breezy day.

Here are the benefits of having excellent attic ventilation…

It helps in reducing damaging moisture

Proper attic ventilation is essential in roofing because excessive moisture can build up in the attic. This can potentially damage the stricture and degrade the entire roofing system. Excessive moisture can also lead to mold. The buildup of moisture also can cause the roof decking to buckle, rot, or swell. This makes it unable to hold nails are securing and eventually lowering its load capacity. This means that the roof can cave in at any time.

More so, the growth of mold and mildew occasioned by condensation is a source of allergies and will have a negative impact on the quality of indoor air.

It helps in saving energy

When there is too much buildup of heat in the attic, it will cost you. This is because the air conditioning system has to work harder to cool down the house, especially the living space below the attic. Sometimes the temperatures can reach 1400 or higher, and due to poor ventilation, the air can work its way back to the lower levels. As such, you must ensure that the roofing allows for proper attic ventilation.

Prevents the damage to the roof shingles

High attic heat has the potential to damage the shingle and cause them to age prematurely. Most shingle manufacturers recommend the proper attic ventilation on asphalt shingle installations.

What you can do

You need not worry because if you have poor attic ventilation, it does not mean you will have to replace your roofing system. Having proper ventilation is a sure and simple way of taking care of your investment as well as your finances. You have ventilation options for your attic roof to prevent you from facing any of the highlighted issued in this article. You only need to discover the best venting solution to your house or consult a roofing professional. You can get an inspection, and some of the roofing professional will do this at no charge.

Every home has its unique airflow and roof design. As such, the right type of attic ventilation depends on the situation, which is why it is recommended you use a roofing expert. Remember that without proper intake ventilation, other exhaust vents will become virtually useless because there is no balanced ventilation. Having proper attic ventilation is far much better because it enhanced the longevity of your roof and balanced ventilation in your house.

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