Among the many jobs in the construction industry, roofing is arguably the most dangerous. Working on rooftops is not for the fainthearted because some falls lead to death. As such, roofing contractors have to ensure that their workers are protected from injury. It is crucial for them to identify the hazards to come with working on the rooftops and put in place safety measures to ensure there are no fatal incidences. Safety is a crucial component, whether you are installing or repairing the roof by yourself or you are using roofing contractors. 

Many issues have to come into play if the work is to continue without any mishaps. Common sense dictates that there should be a limit as to who can access the roof, meaning those that go up there ought to have the right training.

So What are the Best Roofing Practices?

The roof is not designed to be stepped on constantly even though the inspections and repairs may require workers to tread lightly across the metal panels or membranes. As such, you need to consider the following tips:

Using Ladders

If your building does not have any interior stairs and a doorway to the roof, you have to be cautious when using ladders. If they are not properly patched or secured, they can become unstable. When using a ladder, ensure you use it properly. You need to anchor the base of the ladder with the stakes driven to the ground. Alternatively, use a heavy object like a cinder block to set your ladder. It should also be set on a solid backing. Ensure that it extends 36 inches above the landing or roof eave to give you a secure location for grabbing as you transition from the roof to the ladder. 

Fall Hazards

Falls from a rooftop can occasion injury and sometimes death. As such, you need to ascertain that the house is strong enough to bear the weight. You also need to be aware of the holes to watch for on that roof as well as the availability of the guardrails for the workers.  You ought to have an inspection checklist and ask the right questions to assess fall hazards when working on a rooftop. 

Work Area

Even roofing experts know that working in a clean and well-organized area is a safety precaution. This includes the identification of dangerous areas like power lines, unsafe roof access areas. Most importantly, ensure that you are not working or walking on a wet roof. Ensure all dirt, debris and the tools you are not using are off your working area. 

Electrical Safety

Electricity wires may form an ‘arc’ and lead towards the ladder several feet away. As such, ensure that the ladder you are using is not conducive to electricity. The best one to use is a wooden ladder or fiberglass when working near electric wires. Do not touch the electrical wires with your hands or tools. Many roofing contractors will agree that metal materials should never come into contact with electrical wires. Most importantly, if you are working close to electrical wires, it is better to contact your local power company first so that they can check the wires or insulate them. 

Power Nail Safety

This is one roofing tool you need to handle with care because it is typically a weapon. Check its safe operation and ensure that you NEVER tie back or disengage the safety. You only use it when the nail gun is on the material to be fastened. You also need to use a well-lubricated and inspected nail gun. Refrain from resting this too against your body to avert misfires. When it comes to air power, you need to be extremely careful and only use dry compressed air. Once you are finished, disconnect the air supply. Do not try to unlock or unjam the power nail when it is connected to the air supply. Remember that the hose can be a trip hazard on that roof. Ensure that the tool is clean and well maintained. NEVER point the nail gun at yourself or any person. 

All roofing contractors need to be aware of the safety hazards and basics steps that can enhance the safety or the workplace. 

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