Water leaks are some of the challenges that homeowners have to contend with. If left unchecked, water leaks may cause significant structural damage to the roof and provide a thriving environment for mold.  Even a minor leak can have a far-reaching implication, and as such, it is better to treat it immediately. As such, the roofing contractor can help you with this problem. However, you need to know when the leaking problem on your roof is an HVAC case. Be ready to call the HVAC repair company especially when you are dealing serious roof leaks. It is better to have a professional to the repair for you. 

Some of these problems include:

Leaking Seams on Exposed Ductwork

If you have ductwork installed on the roof itself, it is extremely inefficiency and is not a pleasing sight either. It is hard for exposed ductwork to stay watertight making it easier for the water to slip through the seams and reach your vents and ducts. This endangers your ceiling and your health because leaking water can cause mildew and mold to grow in your ducts. 

HVAC Platform with Cracked Seams

The most common causes of water leaks on your roof are the cracked seams found around the HVAC support platform. Its platform will sit three feet above the roof covered by roofing material. It is usually wrapped up vertically to ensure the entire roof platform is wholly covered. However, the point where the material begins to bend is prone to wear and tear, initially cracking and causing a leak. You can patch it up with roofing tar, or can be done by HVAC specialists. 

Drain Pan Leak

Water leaks can also emanate from leaks in the drain pan.  If you find your roof in such a situation, roofing contractors or the HVAC specialists would be the next possible solution to this problem. It is a simple problem, which can be done by a roofer, but it is more assuring when you let a professional handle the problem for you. 

When the Ceiling Leak is Caused by the Air Conditioning Unit

You know this is an HVAC problem if you have the air conditioning unit as the culprit behind the leak on your ceiling. Most of the time, these leaks will happen during rainstorms. More importantly, you may notice that there is direct water dripping from a single or multiple HVAC vents. As such, you need to get into contact with HVAC specialists. 

Clogged Condensate Line

During the removal of moisture, the air is forced over the air conditioner coil where the condensation develops and goes into a condensate pan to collect the water for drainage.  There is also a secondary or a backup air condensate pan that will still work if the primary one fails. Should you notice wetness in the underneath unit, the line is probably clogged. As such, it is between to let a professional locate the clog in the condensate line especially if there are roof leaks. A clogged condensate line is a detriment to your home since it can cause harmful mold contaminating your house as well as water damage. 

Condensation in the Air Ducts

In the heating and cooling season, condensation can form inside or outside poorly insulated ducts, and it is a common cause of water leaks. If you hand reach the affected ducts especially in the attic, basement or crawlspace, you can do the insulating using duct insulation, or standard fiberglass secured with tape. However, it is always recommended that you let a professional handle the problem for you. 

Clogged Filter or Dirty Evaporator Coils

These can also cause leaks and it is because they restrict airflow or the air filter has not been changed regularly. As such, it becomes clogged, but with regular cleaning and conditioner maintenance, the machine continues to function optimally. 

Such are the problems that can make you decide whether you are using an HVAC specialist or a roofing contractor. Fixing these leaks early, enough enables you to maintain your roof for a long time especially if you have a reliable professional. 

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